My #1 tip to outshine the competition

My #1 Tip to Outshine the Competition

Be Yourself. Be Authentic. I should probably preface this post by saying that the narcissistic catchy title was only meant to catch your attention and I am in no ways an “expert” on how to outshine the competition. After all, I am a personal finance/debt blogger and we’re all suppose to be super nice and […]

2 More Common Debt Myths Debunked

Earlier this year, I wrote a post titled 2 Common Debt Myths Debunked. The debt myths I touched upon were “everyone has debt so it must be normal” and “making monthly minimum payments means my debt will be paid off one day”. What a bunch of debt myth boloney eh? That post was so much fun to write that […]

My Debt Ah-ha Moment

My Debt “A-ha” Moment

April is Financial Literacy Awareness Month and when the Queen Bee of Financial Literacy aka Shannon from The Heavy Purse asked me to be a part of her annual Financial Literacy Awareness Carnival, I couldn’t refuse. It’s an honor to help bring awareness to a topic as important as Financial Literacy. I am the first […]

Spendy Wendy

Hi my name is Wendy And I used to be rather Spendy. Went on shopping sprees Acting like money grew on trees. My credit cards always carried a maxed-out balance I should have given myself a weekly allowance. Everyone had student loan debt I didn’t think they were worth the fret. Cooking meals at home […]


Put Your Whole Heart into Your Debt Repayment

“Life is going to give you just what you put into it. Put your whole heart in everything you do.”  - Vivian Baxter I love this quote. It’s so true too! Today we are going to take a little trip back in time… I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this on the blog but before […]

Frugal is the new black

Frugal is the New Black

Once upon a time being frugal was “not cool.” Then a recession hit and stuck around a lot longer than many “experts” anticipated so nowadays Frugal is the New Black aka it’s cool to be frugal! *The wannabe Personal Finance blogger in me is ecstatic to be part of the “in” crowd!* Frugality isn’t just a passing trend […]

This or That

This or That

Hello friends. If you came here for some deep and meaningful GMD advice *insert slight sarcasm here* on debt repayment then please come back another day. Today we’re going to take a break from the serious stuff and just play a fun game of This or That. Ready, set, play! Vanilla or Chocolate? Vanilla Glasses or contacts? Contacts Geeks or […]

Goals aren't Etched in Stone

Goals aren’t Etched in Stone

Unless you post them on the internet!!! I joke friends. The other day I was reading my friend Shannon from The Heavy Purse’s post about 5 Smart Financial Moves to Make this Spring and number one on the list was to “Review Your Goals and Investments” Shannon then goes on to advise that “Goals need to be something you […]

Debt Repayment Update

End of March 2014 Debt Repayment Update

Happy Monday Friends! March was an expensive month for me for these reasons: – I lost my $124 March monthly transit pass on March 8th so I had to buy 2 individual ticket booklets to last me the remaining 3 weeks of the month at a costly $65. – I bought a pair of J. […]

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