About Me

My name is Emily Hart. I have been blogging at my site, since September 2008.  I have also been participating in collaborative blogs like The Motley Moose, DailyKos, etc. I love sexual conversations.  I am passionate around sex-for-rent porn, BDSM, pegging, and the overarching question of “How do we define ourselves as individuals and live together as a society?”

I’m just a person and who I am is in one sense, irrelevant.  I am not an expert on anyone’s experience, other than my own.  I choose not to blog anonymously for two reasons:  First, because I want a life where people are not forced to hide our sex, gender, and body expressions.  We both lose the individual and society when personal expression was repressed.  Second, some people will want to know who to contact to participate in this conversation.

I will be contributing thoughts on labels, rights, sex, individual expression, my own experiences and daily/weekly round-ups of sex for rent porn around the globe.