Best Double Ended Dildos

Double ended dildos are excellent to double up the passion play with your partner. Whether you are a same sex couple or a straight couple, double ended dildos are for all. It’s true that the double ended option is especially awesome for lesbian couples, but men find them exciting too. Have you ever seen a double ended dildo? Well, literally, these dildos come with two ends which can be inserted in two different holes. So, if it’s a man and a woman, one end can be into the woman’s vagina/anus while the other end could be in the man’s anus. Girls looking for solo pleasure will also have fun with double ended dildos. They can insert one end in their anus and other end in their vagina.

Are you too planning to use double ended dildos? Well, that’s HOT! Much to your pleasure, the post below offers some tips on how to choose the best double ended dildos.

How to choose best double ended dildo?

Do you want to share?

As double ended dildos are commonly used for partner plays, it’s natural that you are going to share it with your partner. Well, in that case, you must be careful about the material of the dildo. According to experts, you should count on firmer yet flexible materials in this case. Rubber is a good option but silicone would be even better. It’s because silicon is non-toxic and always safer than any material used to make dildos. Besides, when we are talking about sharing, you have to be careful about the length of the dildo. As two o you will be using it, it must be longer enough to penetrate both of you satisfactorily. But then again, an excessive lengthy option should be avoided as it won’t let you grind or trib your partner properly.

Are you planning solo play?

Double ended dildos are also great for a euphoric solo pleasure. For obvious reasons, it’s the women who are luckier here as only they can explore the double ended toy for self pleasure at its best. If you want deep penetration get a long one made from firmer materials such rubber or silicone. Just make sure, the dildo is designed with textured shaft which helps with easy gripping. As you won’t have your partner here to keep the dildo from falling, it’s smarter to look for a one that assures a solid grip for uninterrupted pleasure. Now, it’s needless to mention, when a woman is using a double ended toy for solo play, she will mostly want it for both her vagina and anal region. In this case, the dildo has to be bent to be inserted into both the ends. So, definitely, your chosen dildo here must be a very flexible one.  When it comes to super flexibility, go for double ended dildos made with soft silicone or TPE/TPR. Such a material allows users to bend the dildo in half to ensure simultaneous penetration into both anus and vagina.

Looking for pegging or role reversal?

Have you two planned for role reversal or some pegging fun with double ended dildo? That’s really titillating and you are going to create passionate memories ahead. When it comes to using the double-ended dildo for pegging, you will use the dildo as some strapless strap-on. In this case, you will insert one end into your body & the other into your partner. You have to hold your dildo tight to make sure it does not fall off from either side. In such situations, look for a dildo with solid grip. The best ones here will be the double dildos with enlarged tip & narrow neck akin to butt plug. The thin neck will offer the needed grip for your muscles.

In regards to material, something dense such as silicone or rubber will be your best choices. Be careful about the size. You won’t need too long a dildo here as you will be only using on your own body.

Read reviews and ratings

You should always check the reviews and ratings of double ended dildos before buying them. The suggestion is to get a shortlist of 4-5 potential models and take a thorough comparative survey on them. Check their brands, usability and also what the previous customers had to say about them. Your chosen one should be from a reputed brand, backed by long line of happy customers.

Buy from a specialized store

Adult toys today are sold by various retailers online. But do you know a lot of them sell fake products? Thus, it’s better to do your shopping from designated sex toy site only.

Final words

Make sure your chosen sex toy store is very explicit about the pictures and other important details of the product. Besides, go for stores that are ready to offer both return and exchange facilities.