For sure, you can! After all, you are a really smart lady. All you require is a little cooperation from your colleagues and seniors, and efficient time management during work hours. Still having doubts on how it can be done? Well, here are a few tips that can help.

Share Your Plans with Your Superiors

According to the U.S. Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) that was signed into law in 2010, every employer with 50 or more employees must provide mothers with infants a private place (other than a restroom) to pump. So, if your workplace is decently staffed, you must be having one up there, as well. But make sure to present your at-work pumping plans as a solution and not as a problem to your superiors.

After all, they may have reservations to give you that leverage. Convince them how it’s best for you, your baby and your company. It’s also proven that babies who get breast milk fall ill less frequently than those on formula. So, properly explain your plans as to how you intend to manage your productivity with those pumping breaks (typically three, each, for 15 minutes).

Even if your office doesn’t have a lactation room, you should ask your superiors for help. By law, companies with fewer than 50 workers are exempted to provide such room. However, it doesn’t allow companies to be ignorant to such issues as well. So, it’s worth a discussion. And don’t feel shy as it’s the best for your baby.

Be Productive While Pumping

How about utilizing those three, 15 minute break and multi-task a bit? You may require to invest on a few devices though. A few suggestions can be a laptop (if your company didn’t provide you one) and a hands-free pump. A smartphone can be equally handy to check mails and reply to urgent ones. Carry these gadgets along and make your lactation room an office of your own. Also stock it up with all the supplies you need to do your job efficiently.

And remember to inform your superiors and colleagues that you will be available on messenger for any quick discussion during the lactation break. It’s always better to give them the feeling that your work in equally important for you. If you don’t like this idea, you can always utilize the lunch hour or stay back a bit to finish any pending work.

Consider Working from Home

If your company allows for work from home, you can take care of your baby well and be equally productive as well. Nowadays work from home culture is catching up across the world. Many companies give such flexibility to their staff as it helps them cut down on overhead costs. Permitting employees to work from home also helps in employee satisfaction and overall workforce retention.

So, assure your boss that you will be available on the phone and over chat all the time during working hours. And you can always come to the office for any meeting or periodic reviews. For sure, your boss would give your request a consideration. And carry your laptop along when you come to office during that period. That quick arrangement of a computer can be bothersome to your colleagues, you see.

Definitely, it’s not easy to manage breastfeeding along with workplace commitments. However, the nutritional benefits of breastfeeding over formula supplements are well-known. So, make your decision with a sound mind.


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