Fun Friday 5 – #19 Deluxe Edition

Happy Friday Friends! It’s been a long time since I last posted a Fun Friday 5 eh? In fact I checked and the last time was all the way back in September! That’s much too long ago so I’m due for a deluxe edition today with not 5, not 10, but 15 of my favorite reads […]

Fun Friday 5 - #18

Fun Friday 5 – #18

Happy Friday Friends! It feels like ages since I’ve last post my last Fun Friday 5! What’s been going on in my life? Glad y’all asked! – We’ve been car-less for over a week and today (cross my fingers) J finally gets his mustang back all shiny and new with a $3,000 price tag for […]


Fun Friday 5 – #17 Life is Good

Happy Friday Friends! I subtitled this blog post Life is Good because well, life is good! I revealed a few days ago that J and I put in an offer for a bigger and better condo than the we tried to buy before and our deal has been officially accepted. We got the condo for […]


Fun Friday 5 – #16 Relaxing

Happy Friday Friends! I’m taking a break from my usual weekly Fun Friday 5 today. This weekend J and I are going to go visit my parents, brother, and dog on Vancouver Island and I can’t wait for both of us to unwind, unplug and spend some quality time with family. The plan is to RELAX. I’ve already […]


Fun Friday 5 – #15 Getting to Know You Edition

Happy Friday Friends and a Happy Canada Day Long Weekend to my Canadian readers! J and I don’t have any exciting plans this weekend since it’s only me that gets the long weekend off because J works for an American company based in Canada, but he’s a lucky ducky because he gets July 4th and 5th off […]


Fun Friday 5 – #14 Summer Edition

Happy Friday and First Day of Summer Friends! Of course in true Vancouver style, it rained today but I am looking forward to some sunshine, beaches, BBQs, camping, and flip-flops for the next 3 glorious months! In previous summers, I’ve been known to spend more money then I do in winter and I think part of that […]


Fun Friday 5 – #13 Friendship Edition

Happy Friday Friends! This week’s edition of my Fun Friday 5 is about friendship because a few days ago, something happened that got me thinking about these important relationships. I had a friend who I will call “S” and she was my first friend I met on my first day in junior high. We instantly became […]


Fun Friday 5 – #12

Happy Friday Friends! Here are some random things I enjoyed this week… 1) That beautiful Tiffany key necklace was what I wanted for my 30th birthday (which is in a couple of months) but J was wanting to be Mr. Romantic and surprise me with a “key” to our new condo…which as you all know […]


Fun Friday 5 – #11

Happy Friday Everyone! First of all, I want to say thank you to everyone who all left very respectful, thought-provoking comments on my last post on why an e-fund just isn’t for me at this time in my debt-repaying life. I read every single comment (more than once for some) and have chosen not to reply to […]

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