His and Her Not So Frugal Habits

Back in April I wrote a post called His and Her Frugal Habits where I shared mine and J’s quirky frugal habits. Today I’m bringing you a sequel of our not so frugal habits. Beware my frugal fanatics, this post won’t be for the faint of heart. His Not So Frugal Habits – Insists on a fancy […]

GPS Saving My Relationship One Roadtrip at a Time

GPS: Saving My Relationship One Roadtrip at a Time

Statistics have shown that most couples fight the most over money. Luckily, J and I are on the same page when it comes to our finances but the one thing we always fight about is DRIVING DIRECTIONS!!! Long time GMD readers would know that J and I take a lot of mini/weekend road-trips because we […]

My Ring!

The Engagement Story

So by now, I think most of you have “heard” through the PF grapevine that J and I are engaged! See readers, this just proves that like paying off debt, persistence pays off! ;)Like I promised in my last post, I would share the dramatics of my engagement story today. The actual engagement itself will […]


Mrs. Modest Money

Happy Friday Friends! So last night, J and I got the keys to our new condo which you can read about on his blog today. Oh ya, we also got engaged that same night! Maybe all my subtle hints on the blog finally paid off LOL… For now I’m going to keep the details of […]

MacBook Pro

GMD vs. J: The Battle of the MacBook Pro

Who do you think won the battle? I thought I would preface this post with a few facts. GMD: I am somewhat of a “name brand whore” with Apple/I-Things being my absolute favorite. J: Claims to be anti-name brand with Apple/I-Things being on the top of his dislike list. *I think it’s only fair to […]


Make the Time to Invest in your Relationships

Editor’s Disclaimer: I’m no love doctor. I’m just a busy blogger who dates another busy blogger so I know how hard it is to juggle a relationship when you are both busy side hustling but believe me, it can be done! Happy Monday Friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. This weekend I got […]

tiffany novo

She Said, He Said: Engagement Rings

No, J and I are not engaged! This post came about because my blogging bestie Anna  is getting pre-engaged (congrats lady!) and I took the chance to tell J all about it and of course turned the subject around to discuss our possible future engagement! “Opportunity knocks for every man, but you have to give a woman a […]

water brita

She Said, He Said: The Case of the Water Brita

When I first moved into J’s apartment, we had doubles of many household things that we had to get rid of. Naturally, my stuff was nicer/newer than J’s so we got to keep a lot of my stuff One thing that I couldn’t keep was my beloved water Brita filter pitcher. I was a single female living on […]

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