As of December 8th, 2012, my debt load included:

  • Student Loan – floating interest rate 5.50% (currently on interest relief though)
  • One Visa – interest rate 11.99%
  • One Mastercard – interest rate 12.99%

This month I got rid of the two credit cards and consolidated my balance onto a personal loan with a ever so slightly lower interest rate of 11.65% (because of the total amount of my debt load, I couldn’t negotiate a lower rate but boy did I try!!! Apparently I’m not that charming lol)

The grand total of my debt as of January 2013:  - $57,458.94

Broken down, it looks like this…

Student Loan: – $45,525.94

Personal Loan: – $11,933.00

Scary stuff right?

Right now I am concentrating on paying off my personal loan since there is no interest accruing on the student loan.

At the end of every month I will keep you posted on my pay-off debt progress. Keep checking back for updates! :)

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