We all have good intentions when it comes to managing our money, but without a good organization tool, it’s easy for even the smartest and most disciplined to get lost. The good news is that other people know the struggle, and some of them are nifty enough with technology that they’ve been able to make some pretty great tools to help the rest of us. Here are five you need in your life today.


Mint is your one-stop-shop for all your personal balances, due dates, and more. Mint links up to your bank accounts, credit cards, credit score, and just about anything else you want to put in it. Add your bills for quick reminders on when they’re due and how much they are likely to be. Watch your spending and even see breakdowns of how much you spend in different categories. Track your credit score, create a budget, get alerts bases off of specifics that you set, watch your investments, and even get advice on savings. It’s the easiest way to get everything organized in a single place.

ReadyFor Zero

This is specifically targeted at those of us in debt, which is most of us if we’re being honest. ReadyForZero helps you create a debt plan based on your specific financial and debt management goals. You can also watch your credit score as pay down your debts, and tackle the issues that are hurting your credit the most in the process. Reminders and notifications help keep you on track, and mobile support means that you can work beating debt into your schedule.


Once you have all of that debt taken care of, Qapital can help you start to build your personal savings - whether you’re looking to build a nest egg, an emergency fund, or just a little comfort cushion. This app allows you to set rules that automatically deposits cash into your savings account as you spend during your daily life. It rounds up little deposits so that you are instantly putting a bit away every time you spend, and allows you to set goals that once achieved can be withdrawn. You can even use a Qapital debit card to spend your goal disbursements instantly.


Now that you’ve paid down your debts and you’ve got a nice emergency fund built up, it’s time to turn to some real investing. Betterment uses a long term investment portfolio to help you stay on top of your investments, focusing on asset allocation, savings, and rebalancing when your portfolio needs it. There’s some strong encouragement to invest long-term with guidelines that start you in at around $100 a month, but if you’re looking to get serious about your investments, Betterment is a fiendishly easy way to stay on track.


Shoeboxed takes the concept of stuffing your receipts into a...well...shoebox and digitizes it. It’s an effortless way to capture data from receipts, whether you need it for expense tracking or reimbursement at work or you’re just the type who will stuff a receipt to the bottom of your purse never to be seen again. Scan and digitize your data quickly and easily, and use it to track mileage, create expense reports, and even help do your taxes.


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