Do you have a shopping addiction? Don’t worry just yet because many of us do and there is help. Compulsive buying is especially a prevalent practice among women, but you do have some men that love to shop as well. If you see that adorable pair of shoes or that body clinging dress that you just cannot pass by and you just have to have it, you may have a shopping addiction. It is even worse, when your closet is filled with clothes that you have never worn in a year and they still have the tags on them. In that case, you are seriously addicted to clothes.

Going Overboard

When you don’t flinch at maxing out a credit card to buy the latest designer shoes or shirt, you are going for the financial turmoil, which will happen, if you don’t curb your ways. You need to part with the credit card for a while. Put it away or cut up the plastic so you can pay off your balance and clear your head from shopping – your weakness. If you deny that you have a problem, then you are also on your way to financial devastation because you will find it difficult to resist the temptation at every turn.

Crossing the Line

Shopping addiction is the same as any addiction. In chronic cases, you will need the help of a professional to kick the habit. More shopping is not the answer. You have crossed the line when you know that you have a problem and still don’t care. Not caring means that you are not worried about the other lives that this will affect. Yes, you can go on a shopping spree and put the stuff in your car trunk, hoping that your husband is not home so you can take the stuff in the house without him knowing. You can lie about your purchase if he is home, but you cannot lie to yourself that you have a problem that needs a solution.

The YOU Effect

Whether you have a husband or family with children, your shopping addiction will negatively affect those around you, but more importantly YOU. When you overspend, you don’t have the ability to save for an emergency. You could find yourself living from paycheck to paycheck. Your future won’t be financially sound and you won’t be able to plan for a family some day.

Evaluate your Choices

If you do have a family, what kind of example are you setting for your children? Are you even thinking about how your spouse will feel at your inconsideration for the family’s finances? What about your children’s education and other future decisions that needs financing? Do you think about those things? What if you or someone in your family were to have a medical emergency? Are you financially prepared? When you are shopping, ask yourself: Will this purchased item be beneficial to my family or is it just a personal satisfaction? Could I do without this item?

The Bottom Line

Compulsive shopping does not have to take over your life. Find out the deep rooted reasons why you are a compulsive buyer. It could be caused by insecurities of the past and not related to the actual shopping. Get professional help from a counselor and also from a financial advisor.


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