Why Should Men Be Taught More About Sex Education Than Women?

Since sex is an essential part of everyday life for almost all people, learning about it from a young age is more than necessary. With proper education about intercourse, young men and women get the chance to better understand their bodies, desires, and how to treat others. But teaching sex education to young people is, unfortunately, no easy task. Heck, talking about intimacy with adults can get pretty awkward.


We all love and enjoy sex, but when the time to talk about it openly comes, we somehow close up. This is bad and leads to wrong ideas, frustration, and illegitimate sexual practices with unfortunate partners on the receiving end. Therefore, it’s essential to participate in sex ed, especially if you’re male. But how so? Well, allow us to explain in detail men and sex education in the following few paragraphs.

The Scope of Sex Education

The essence of sex education programs is to underline the importance of having respect for yourself and others. As such, it helps establish healthy boundaries that lead to acceptable relationships and overall safety. Furthermore, proper sex ed leads to promoting positive ideas about self-identity and responsible decision-making in later life.

Some key themes of sex education include:


  • Onset of puberty
  • Social relationships
  • Sexual health and behavior
  • Law


Depending on the institution where educators teach sexual education, it can be secular or religious. Secular is also what we know as comprehensive sex ed. It talks about the importance of contraception, hygiene, unwanted pregnancy, and saying no when you don’t want intercourse.


On the other hand, religious education usually incorporates ideas about sexual abstinence before marriage. In many ways, it’s a negative approach, as it avoids or completely disregards the idea of using condoms and other methods of contraception.


In the last couple of decades, sex education made giant steps forward by including LGBTQ youth into the conversation. Back in the day, it was almost impossible to talk about homosexuality with kids. Young gays and lesbians were excluded from any conversation, leading them to become more insecure and confused.

It Helps Women In Family Planning

Do you remember those teen mom TV shows on channels like MTV? Well, we do, and it’s not quality television at all. The whole point of the show was to exploit young women expecting to give birth in a few months. Although not all of them, the vast majority were single women whom their partners abandoned. Yup, guys are, sadly, more likely to bail when it becomes clear that they’re going to become dads.


Therefore, one of the most important aspects of sex education is how it teaches young people about family planning. Although it’s not as common as it once was, you can still come across teenagers holding babies in their hands. This isn’t the most pleasant sight to witness, however cute the newborns are. The thing is, kids can’t take care of babies, as they lack skills, finances, and emotional mechanics to cope with their needs.


With sex education, both males and females can learn to understand what it means to become a parent. It allows them in on the idea of planning the right moment, number, and timing between several childbirths. And since we’ve said that guys stray away from responsibility more easily after childbirth, sex ed is even more significant for them.

Expands the Coverage of Learning

The sad reality is that most men don’t like to talk about a topic like this. There is a certain stigma about males with feelings who understand their partners, surroundings, and society in general. Most folks think about them as wusses. This comes down to concepts like toxic masculinity, the portrayal of what’s manly enough in mainstream media, and similar things. However, we dare argue that men should break out from this.


By participating more in sex education, not only will guys learn more about reproductive health, safe boundaries, and healthy relationships. They will get the opportunity to openly talk about ideas that cause them unrest. In other words, they’ll open up and encourage each other to join in on discussions. That will, in turn, lead to better knowledge about life, interpersonal relationships, and, most importantly, happiness.

Men Become More Sexually Responsible

Comprehensive sex education helps men in yet another way. Namely, with it, young males can understand what it means to be responsible. From using contraception, taking care of hygiene, and not ejaculating inside their female partners, men can become what they always intend to be — real badasses. And to become one, they need to be respectful of their partners, understand boundaries, and never cross the line of harassment.

Due to the lack of knowledge about sexual intercourse, it’s common for young people to spread sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). But the saddest part is when they know that they’re infected, but they still keep having sex without informing others. Some statistics suggest that men are more likely to do so. Hence, thorough and proper sex ed is yet again more important for them than for women.

It Helps Men to Be Self-Conscious

Just like women, some men have boundaries. They have a set of rules they go by that define what’s and what’s not acceptable for them. Whether it’s certain sexual acts or ways of communication — it doesn’t matter. The whole point is that guys should be self-conscious and respectful of themselves. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.


Due to peer pressure, young men might struggle to express their sexual orientations. This usually results in depression, insecurity, and overall low self-esteem. But with comprehensive sexuality talks and classes, they can fight off any kind of stigma and express themselves over time. After all, everyone has needs and desires, and they shouldn’t hide.

Men Become More Mature

Like we’ve said, most men want to become mature adults and macho types like their heroes. Yet, without proper sex education, they become quite the opposite. The lack of tolerance to understand diversity, how healthy personal relationships work, and boundaries is what’s often the case. But if we talk to them from a young age, we can prevent any of these issues from occurring in later life.


Most reasons why men should attend sex education more than women complement each other. So, when we combine them, they present a stepping stone towards becoming mature. But without understanding family planning, the learning process, sexual responsibility, and self-consciousness, one can never become that. Without any of them, the road to becoming a real man appears lost.


But, abstinence isn’t the answer. That is regardless of anyone’s religious beliefs. By simply forbidding someone from engaging in sexual activity, no one wins. Young men become sexually frustrated and expose themselves to a higher risk of doing everything wrong once their time comes. The only real answer is to openly talk about what sex is and how we can keep it safe and healthy for everyone involved.